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What are house mites and dust mites?

Anyone who is allergic to house dust has a big problem with house mites, or house dust mites. The allergy to house dust, or rather to house dust mites, follows you at every turn. It is, after pollen allergy, the second most common allergy. It is triggered by mite excrement, i.e. the excrements of the […]

Interesting facts about bed bugs

Vermin in bed – there’s hardly anything more disgusting. Within your own four walls you would like to feel as comfortable as possible. This is especially true for the bed. This is where we stay when we are tired and want to relax. The thought of crawling vermin, however, barely makes our eyes close. Most […]

Neem oil for children mattresses

Neem oil is often praised as a particularly effective remedy against house dust mites. We enlighten. In India the neem tree is called the bountiful tree (Azad Darakhti Hindi). It originally comes from Burma (it is estimated that it has been there for 40-50 million years) and then spread, mainly through targeted planting / reforestation, […]

Symptoms of house dust allergy – these products help

In Germany, it is estimated that about 10-15% of all residents now have an allergy to house dust. Whereby “allergy to house dust” is not quite correct, the affected person is allergic to house dust mites and especially to their excrements. This article describes some good household remedies against allergy symptoms and presents medicines against […]

Humidifier in the living room – help with dry air

Apart from the bedroom, where you normally spend 6-8 hours a day, the living room is probably the room that you cannot and do not want to do without during the day and in the evening. Usually several hours are spent here every day. Often at the TV or in a sociable round. Depending on […]

CBD Cannabidiol for allergies

The endocannabinoids are produced by the human body itself. This fact has been known since the 1990s. Little research has been done on what they are used for. Laboratory experiments on mice have shown that the body’s own cannabis-like messenger substances have the anti-inflammatory effect. CBD is therefore becoming more and more known and popular these […]

Things to know about scabies

Especially in connection with spending the night in strange beds, for example in a hotel, the fear of an infection with scabies is quite justified. Despite high hygienic standards, this disease has not been eradicated. But those who know the causes and background of the parasite infestation can better prevent infection. What is scabies? Scabies […]

Grass mites – danger for the dog

Between May and October the grass mites romp in the grass, moss and undergrowth every year. There are many different species in the grass mite category. For humans and dogs, the autumn grass mite is the most interesting species in this country, although there are other mites in dogs. The autumn grass mite, uses both […]

These home and natural remedies help with allergies

Especially in spring and summer, allergies can be overwhelming and make life incredibly uncomfortable. There is a high probability that you or someone you know suffers from seasonal allergies, house dust allergies, or food allergies. Most people who are struggling with an allergy go to the doctor for treatment and routinely receive medications ranging from […]

The right allergy pillow

We need a pillow to sleep well. Sounds simple at first. But not all pillows are the same. It’s the stuffing that makes it different. There’s goose feathers, styrofoam, microfiber, soft feathers, viscose. Visco is made of cellulose and means that the head does not sink into the pillow but is carried. Depending on the […]