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Neem oil for children mattresses

Neem oil is often praised as a particularly effective remedy against house dust mites. We enlighten.

In India the neem tree is called the bountiful tree (Azad Darakhti Hindi). It originally comes from Burma (it is estimated that it has been there for 40-50 million years) and then spread, mainly through targeted planting / reforestation, also in Africa, America and the Caribbean.

The Niembaum flowers from January to the end of April and gets by with very little water per year (about 400 ml). However, the tree does not like humidity and frost either.

The positive properties of the leaves, bark and oils can be used for many things. Neem oil is also very effective against mites.




Mite sprays in mattresses for children?

House dust mites, or bed mites, often trigger a mite allergy. They do not stop at babies and children. If the child already has a runny nose in the morning, sneezes and/or has a cough that gets better during the day, then a bed mite allergy may be present.

The uninvited guests feed on human skin scales, among other things. Since they love high humidity and also like warm temperatures from 25 °C upwards, they are found in mattresses in extraordinarily large numbers. The mites do not even stop at baby mattresses or children’s mattresses.

Covers for the mattress

Of course, you can use special protective covers that are so finely woven that they do not let allergens through. This prevents the mites from being able to feed on human skin scales. The disadvantage is that the dead mites and the mite excrement remain in the mattress if it has not already been covered with a brand new cover.

Neem oil against mites

There are various sprays and oils on the market as a further means of fighting mites, which are produced from the seeds of the Indian neem tree.

Products from the Neem tree, as well as the corresponding oil, contain hundreds of active ingredients, some of which have not yet been properly researched.

However, one of the researched substances is particularly interesting. This substance is called azadirachtin and is used for mite sprays and oils, as this substance acts directly against the mites. Mites that ingest this substance during feeding become unable to reproduce. The active ingredient azadirachtin interferes with the synthesis of chitin by the mites. Without chitin, the larva cannot skin and pupate and dies.

Neem oil therefore prevents the mites from reproducing !

Disadvantages of neem oil

Unfortunately, oil is not a miracle weapon against dust mites either. The following things you have to know about Neem oil:

  • Neem oil does not smell pleasant the excrements (faeces) of the mites remain in the mattress as allergy trigger
  • Neem oil does not penetrate to the middle of the mattress
  • many people react allergic to the ingredients
  • the application has to be repeated every three months

Conclusion on neem oil

The anti-mite remedy “Neem oil” is not a miracle cure and does not remove house dust mites. Before using it, it is important to check whether the person sleeping on the mattress is allergic to the Neem spray or oil.

Especially for children and babies, we do not recommend the use of Neem Oil products because of the almost 100 different substances that are often contained in Neem Oil products. It is better to use the many alternatives, such as mattress covers (encasings) and air purifiers.

However, Neem Oil is definitely justified as an additional remedy for mites in adults.




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