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Mites in animals and plants

Mites in dogs

Treat mites in dogs Mites can catch our four-legged darlings in different ways, because arachnids are very common. Mostly the infestation occurs during a walk, where the small critters lurk on various plants. But there is also danger in the garden, and eventually other animals can also act as carriers. Actually, no dog is spared, […]

Mites on cats

Mites are one of the most common parasites that infect cats from time to time. The cat is the ideal host for these little animals, because the cat’s fur is nice and warm and damp. There are five different types of mites in cats, namely ear mites, hair follicle mites, mange mites, predatory mites and […]

Mites in plants – spider mites

Among the most common pests on plants are mites, whereby a basic distinction is made between two species, namely spider mites and gall mites. Gall mites are mainly found on woody plants and cause proliferations there. Normally the plant is not affected by the infestation, so that control is only necessary in the rarest of […]

Mites in budgies

Mite infestation in budgerigars often has serious consequences, because many owners first overlook and then underestimate the disease. We inform about mites in budgies. What are mites? Mites are small parasites that live undetected in the bird’s skin. They lay their eggs there and reproduce. Often these mites have been on the bird for years […]