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Travelling with house dust allergy

Between ten and 15 % of the German population suffers from a dust mite allergy.

This allergy to dust mites, which is often simply called dust allergy, or even out of ignorance, regularly leads to runny noses, sneezing, watery and red eyes. Anyone who has to fight a house dust mite allergy in the long term can also get chronic coughing, heavy breathing and ultimately asthma.

This allergy is caused by the dust mites that live in mattresses, blankets, pillows, upholstery and carpets. Their excrement mixes with the house dust when it dries. If it is stirred up, it is not only inhaled directly, but also settles in bed linen, textiles, shoes, hair, curtains, books and many other things.

Es ist sicherlich nachvollziehbar, dass ein Hausstauballergiker also bei vielen Staubfängern im Zimmer und seltenem Staubwischen stark leidet.

It is certainly understandable that a house dust allergy sufferer therefore suffers greatly from many dust traps in the room and rare dusting.

Therefore, you should take the following tips for house dust allergy sufferers to heart when travelling:

For a carefree holiday as a house dust allergy sufferer

Basically, a stay in the mountains, between 1500 m and 1800 m above sea level, is recommended for people allergic to house dust. From this altitude on, the mites become much less, or disappear completely, as they are no longer able to survive.

However, there are always patients with an allergy to house dust who do not want to go to the mountains. In this case, a hotel or a room especially for allergy sufferers would of course be the optimum.

We are talking about rooms that have some important features: the floors are free of carpets if possible and are wiped daily. The duvet covers are mite-proof and not only the sheets, but also the blanket and pillow are washed after each guest. Ideally, there are few or no dust traps in the room, such as curtains, duvets, wreaths, books, etc. The more spartan the room, the better. A daily room service, which includes dusting, is desirable.

Holiday apartments

In fact, many of us will not book a hotel room specifically for allergy sufferers. Rather, most holiday offers include normal hotel rooms or holiday apartments. For these places there are some things that can be considered anyway.

Buy a cloth locally (or bring it from home) to clean the surfaces of dust yourself regularly. Vacuum cleaners are usually available in holiday homes. Have a family member who is not allergic to mites vacuum clean. If you are allergic, please do not stay in the apartment during this time. If you take a few things from home to fight dust mites, you may feel much better on holiday.

What house dust allergy sufferers should take with them on their journey

There are special sheets for the mattress for allergy sufferers. These are so finely woven that they are practically impermeable and on the one hand the mites cannot penetrate the fabric, on the other hand their body sweat and skin scales cannot feed the mites. Thanks to this sheet, contact with mites and mite faeces is reliably prevented and dust cannot be whirled up. Such a sheet takes up little space in the suitcase. As we have already explained in this article about dust mites , most mites are found in the mattress itself. However, if you are referring to the car, you should also take a cover (encasing) for the duvet and pillow.




By the way, another good alternative is an allergy sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is not suitable for sleeping outside, but a sleeping bag for the bed. Easy to pack together and made of very thin fabric, so that when you sleep you practically have a thin protective layer between you, pillow, blanket and mattress. If it is very hot, you can also sleep only in the sleeping bag without a blanket.




If you replace the pillow on site with an inflatable travel pillow, at least your head will no longer come into contact with mites and mite faeces. Inflatable travel pillows fit into practically any luggage and do not cost very much.




Extra tip: Take mite vacuum cleaner with you

As a further tip for people who travel by car and still have space, we recommend a mite vacuum cleaner (to the article about mite vacuum cleaners). Even if the mite vacuum cleaner actually takes up some space in the car and the idea of vacuuming a foreign mattress is not particularly appetizing, it is still a very good way to kill and at the same time significantly reduce the dust mites in the holiday mattress. After all, it’s their health and we think that this effort will be compensated by a significantly carefree holiday.

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