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Mite vacuum cleaner – removing mites from the bed

As is explained in detail on our home page dust mites, most dust mites are found in bed and here for the most part in the mattress due to sweat and heat. So removing the mites from the mattress with a mite vacuum cleaner is just as important as regularly washing the bedding and, of course, the bedding itself.

Special mite vacuum cleaners / mite vacuum cleaners are in our opinion the best choice to remove mites and the dreaded mite excrement from the mattress.
In the following text we explain what mite vacuums are, how to work with them and of course where you can get mite vacuums.




Suck the mites out of the mattress with a mite vacuum cleaner

Pillowcases and duvet covers should be washed at least two to three times a month, better even weekly, for allergy sufferers. Every few months, if possible, the pillows and duvets should also be washed in the washing machine or taken to the cleaners themselves.

Unfortunately, the mattress is often forgotten because it is simply too big and unwieldy and there are only some big cities that have dry cleaners that can wash mattresses. After a few years, most dust mites and a lot of mite excrement can be found in mattresses.

Since professional cleaning is usually quite expensive, you should consider buying a mite vacuum cleaner. A mite vacuum cleaner uses several strategies to fight the mites in your mattress:

  • Vibration
    As a rule, good mite vacuum cleaners knock or vibrate violently on the mattress and thus loosen the mite excrement and the mites themselves. This trick makes mites and excrement easier to suck up. Some people may already know a so-called knock-vacuum-cleaner from the household. The principle is similar with the mite vacuum cleaner.
  • UV-Light
    In the better mite vacuum cleaners, lamps with UV light are built in. The UV rays are intended to kill the mites so that they can then be vacuumed. Especially this UV light, which is not available in a conventional vacuum cleaner, is what makes a mite vacuum cleaner so effective.
  • Microfilter
    In addition to the conventional dust filter, the anti-mite vacuum cleaner also has a special micro filter that prevents the absorbed mite excrement or dust mites from being released back into the air.


Brief explanation of UV light

UV light is an electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to the human eye, but is contained in sunlight, for example. UV light has a germicidal effect and can be used for pest control. The mites are killed by the UV radiation. Among other things, this prevents them from releasing further excrement into the mattress. The dead mites must be sucked up.

Caution: the radiation emitted by the mite vacuum cleaner is unhealthy for humans on the skin, but immediately harmful in the eye. Therefore, it is essential to purchase a mite vacuum cleaner that only switches on the UV light when it is pressed onto the mattress. As soon as it is lifted, it should switch off the UV light.


How to use a mite vacuum cleaner correctly

First of all, it is important that you clean your mattress regularly, several times a year, with an anti-mite vacuum cleaner to achieve the best possible success. Do not just run the anti-mite vacuum cleaner over the top of the mattress, but turn it over and clean the underside as well, and once around the sides.

As already mentioned in the explanation of UV light, you should handle the device very carefully and always press it onto the mattress when in operation. Remember that your eye will be damaged immediately if you look into the ultraviolet light.

Suck slowly and evenly over the mattress. Push the mite vacuum cleaner forward very slowly so that the UV light has enough time to kill the mites completely.

Quality is important for mite vacuum cleaner

Especially with the mite vacuum cleaner, the price often correlates with the performance. Here it is indeed true that you usually have to put a little more money on the table for the good devices. However, people with a strong house dust allergy should not pay attention to the price, but buy a really powerful device. We recommend the following product, for example:




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