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Do you clean your mattress regularly with a mattress vacuum cleaner? No? Then here’s what you should know: Home beds, upholstered furniture and carpets are home to an endless number of microscopic subtenants. Dust mites thrive in dark and warm places. They feed on human skin scales and cause large amounts of dust through their excretions. In order to get rid of these little pests, mattresses and upholstery must be cleaned regularly. Conventional vacuum cleaners only help to a limited extent because the small arachnids hide deep in the fabric and are surprisingly difficult to remove.

Matratzenreiniger zur Milbenbekämpfung

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Special mattress cleaners have been developed for effective cleaning. These so-called mite vacuum cleaners have a number of additional features that allow them to quickly and thoroughly remove mites and mite faeces from mattresses and upholstery. The devices are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and, depending on the design, can also make work easier for owners of very hairy pets.

Mattress cleaners are offered in different variants. Which model is most suitable depends on the situation in your own four walls and your personal needs.

The most important facts about the mattress cleaner in brief

  • Mattress cleaners are hand-held vacuum cleaners that have been specially developed to remove mites and mite excrement from mattresses and upholstery.
  • To do their job effectively, mites vacuum cleaners rely on a number of techniques such as UV filters, rapping mechanisms and particle filters.
  • Mattress vacuum cleaners exist in different variants: there are wired devices, battery-powered devices, devices with collection bags or containers, devices with HEPA filters, etc.

Our top 3 mattress cleaners

Hoover MBC500UV Ultra Vortex mattress cleaner

According to test reports and numerous customer reviews, the Hoover Ultra Vortex gives very good results in removing mites and their excrement. The suction head and the associated brush roller quickly remove the small animals on textiles of various kinds. The suction power of 500 watts is comparatively strong and allows reliable and quick cleaning. The noise level during operation is 64 dB, which is below the noise level of many commercially available vacuum cleaners.

Different suction modes make it possible to optimise the Ultra Vortex for cleaning different types of fabrics. The built-in UV lamp kills mites effectively. The volume of the collection container is just 0.3 l. More frequent emptying of the container is necessary. For this purpose, the hand-held vacuum cleaner is light and handy at 2.2 kg.

The Ultra Vortex is wired. Because it has no HEPA filter, sensitive allergy sufferers could be irritated during use.

Iris Ohyama IC-FAC2 mattress cleaner

Iris Ohyama mattress cleaner boasts of removing 98% of all dust particles and allergens within three minutes. With its 6000 vibrations per minute, it loosens stuck particles, making it easier to pick up dirt with its 400 watt suction power. Special sensors in the head tell the user which surfaces are dirty and when cleaning is complete.

A rotatable nozzle allows easy access to hard-to-reach areas. With a weight of 1.6 kg the device is very light. The volume of the dust container is narrow at 0.2 l. Since the container is bagless and can be easily removed and washed, emptying it regularly does not cause any complications. A dust filter and an air filter protect against whirled-up particles.

The IC-FAC2 is wired.

PexFix handheld vacuum cleaner

The PexFix hand vacuum cleaner is a particularly light mattress vacuum cleaner. Despite its weight of only 1.2 kg, it has a relatively large collection capacity of 0.5 l. With a suction power of 300 watts, it is the least powerful of the three most popular models. However, its UV tube sterilisation and hot air suction mechanism makes it highly effective in killing mites, bedbugs and bacteria.

Its built-in HEPA filter makes it particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. It is also suitable for removing animal hair. The filter must be removed and cleaned after each use, which makes the PexFex handheld vacuum cleaner slightly more labour intensive than its competitors. It has the lowest price among the test winners.

The PexFix mite vacuum cleaner is wired.

Mattress cleaner – the great advisor

What is a mattress cleaner?

Mattress cleaners are handy vacuum cleaners that have been specially developed to remove mites and other small animals. For this reason they are often called mite vacuum cleaners or mite vacuum cleaners. Their main areas of application are bed linen, mattresses, upholstered furniture and carpets.

In their basic function they are similar to commercially available vacuum cleaners. In contrast to these, however, they have a number of additional features to combat mites and allergens more effectively:

  1. Many mattress vacuum cleaners have UV lamps. These are able to kill mites effectively.
  2. A special tapping mechanism on the suction head causes the pad to vibrate. Mites and their droppings are released from the fabric by the vibrations. This makes it easier to suck them off.
  3. Particle filters filter out mites and excrement and prevent them from being whirled up with the exhaust air.


What is a mattress cleaner used for?

The main field of application of mattress cleaners is the cleaning of mattresses and other similar furniture and textiles. Unlike ordinary vacuum cleaners, which cover a wider range of applications, the handy vacuum cleaners are specialized in sucking mites and other small animals out of mattresses and upholstery.

There are models which are also suitable for other applications, such as the removal of animal hair.

For whom is a mattress cleaner suitable?

Mattress cleaners are primarily suitable for allergy sufferers. Mites, dust and animal hairs can stubbornly stick to upholstery and carpets. This can be a problem for allergic people, as ordinary cleaning methods may not be sufficient to remove mites and allergens. Mites and dust residues that have settled in mattresses and bed linen can be very annoying for allergy sufferers while sleeping.

Regular mattress cleaning may therefore be necessary. Mites vacuum cleaners are well suited to remove most of the disturbing substances from upholstery and textiles within a short time. Because many mattress vacuum cleaners have additional features that effectively kill bacteria and mites, these devices are suitable for sensitive people. Some devices also have a HEPA filter, which filters out irritating small particles.

Additionally, many mattress vacuums can be used to remove animal hair. For owners of very hairy pets, the purchase can therefore also be worthwhile.

How much does a mattress cleaner cost?

The cheapest models are available from 40 EUR. The most expensive units can be in the range of 200 to 300 EUR.

Higher-priced models can remove mites and dust residues faster and more reliably and often have additional features and suction modes, making them more versatile.

However, some of the less expensive models are also convincing with good results. The three mentioned top models, as well as a few other devices that we found good, all cost under 100 EUR.


Are there alternatives to mattress cleaner?

1. Steam cleaner

An often mentioned alternative to mattress cleaner is the steam cleaner.

Steam cleaners clean surfaces by using hot steam. No chemicals have to be used to achieve a hygienic result. Due to their high temperatures, mites and bacteria can be partially killed.

Nevertheless, steam cleaners are not suitable for cleaning mattresses.

To kill mites effectively, a steam cleaner must be held in the same place for several minutes. The smallest organisms are not killed immediately on contact with hot steam. However, if the steam cleaner is used for too long, the mattress will become soaked.

Mattresses are thick. It can take days for a damp mattress to dry completely. The moisture also provides the mites with a good breeding ground and promotes rapid reproduction. After the mattress has dried, the mite population may be larger than before.

Another problem associated with long-lasting moisture is mould. The health consequences can exceed the negative effects of mites and dust.

In addition, high heat can damage the structure of the mattress. The result is that it can become more uncomfortable to lie on the mattress.


2. Vacuum cleaner

A useful alternative to mattress cleaners are so-called washing vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners blow moisture into the mattress, but suck it out again in the same breath. In this way the mattress is washed without becoming damp in the long term. A slight residual moisture cannot be excluded. At the same time they effectively suck mites and their excrement out of the fabric.

In addition, vacuum cleaners offer the possibility of using cleaning agents. The detergent should be especially suitable for use on mattresses.

Because vacuum cleaners work without heat, they do not damage the structure of the mattress.

In terms of price, mattress vacuums and washing vacuums can be compared.





Which mattress cleaning model should I buy?

There are two types of mattress vacuums: cabled vacuums and battery vacuums.

Cabled mattress cleaners have a higher suction power. However, due to advances in the construction of battery-powered devices, these have been catching up in recent years. The advantage of a cordless vacuum cleaner is the increased range of movement and the possibility to reach remote cracks more easily.

A practical alternative is the use of a washing vacuum cleaner.

Wired mattress cleaners


  • High suction capacity
  • Affordable
  • Lower weight
  • Partly especially suitable for allergy sufferers



  • Limited range because of the cable


Battery mattress cleaner


  • Greater radius of action
  • Partly especially suitable for allergy sufferers


  • Limited operating time
  • Higher price


Washing Vacuum Cleaner


  • Cleans additionally with water and cleaning agents
  • Cleans deep into the fabric
  • Suitable for other soiling such as stains


  • Not suitable for water sensitive materials
  • Larger and more unwieldy


Wash vacuum cleaners are suitable for a wide range of soiling and are versatile.

In contrast, mattress cleaners are specialized for a specific type of soiling. They are most effective in combating mites and house dust and are especially suitable for allergy sufferers and pet owners.

For fabrics and furniture that should not be cleaned with water, mattress vacuum cleaners are more suitable.

An additional distinguishing feature between individual mite vacuum cleaners is the collection container. There are devices that take up the sucked up dirt in bags and those that do not use a bag and instead place it on a removable collection container.

Bags are more suitable for allergy sufferers, as they do not come into contact with agitated particles during disposal.

Vacuum cleaners without a bag can be emptied and rinsed out easily and there is no need to buy additional bags.



Which manufacturers of mite vacuum cleaners and mattress cleaners are particularly well-known?

  • Amber
  • Brubaker
  • CleanMaxx
  • Dyson
  • Electronics
  • Hoover
  • Iris Ohyama
  • PexFex
  • Puppyoo
  • Sichler


Frequently asked questions about mattress cleaner – FAQ

How often must mattresses and upholstery be cleaned?

Mattresses are used every night. Sweat and skin flakes quickly lead to considerable contamination and favour the increase of the mite population. This in turn results in increased dust production. It is advisable to clean a mattress thoroughly every one to three months.

Upholstered furniture should be cleaned approximately every two to three weeks. Upholstery does not have a protective duvet cover, which means that sweat and skin scales can penetrate more quickly.

For pet owners it may be necessary to clean more often. This depends on how much and how quickly the animals lose their hair and whether certain furniture is a preferred resting place.


Why is an ordinary vacuum cleaner not sufficient enough to remove mites?

House vacuum cleaners have a high suction power and are able to suck some of the mites and dirt out of mattresses and upholstery. However, mite vacuum cleaners have special features that allow them to effectively combat mites and their remains. For example, the UV lamps of many mattress cleaners can kill all mites in the fabric. Tapping mechanisms release mites and excrement from the fabric so that they can be more easily sucked off.

Mattress vacuum cleaners produce more thorough and longer lasting results. For allergy sufferers, the cleaning power of a vacuum cleaner may not be sufficient. In this case, the use of a mattress cleaner is recommended.


How do mites develop?

Dust mites prefer to live in human living spaces. Outside they can hardly survive. The majority of all mites live in mattresses and upholstered furniture. In carpets the mite count is lower. They prefer the higher temperatures and humidity produced by the human body. Dropped skin scales are their main food source. If they find suitable living conditions, they lay eggs and reproduce within a short time.

Due to the higher temperatures and higher humidity, mites reproduce faster in summer than in winter. In order to spread quickly, they need temperatures of over 18 degrees.

What else can I do to reduce the number of mites?

Cover and bed linen should be washed regularly at 60 degrees. Mites vacuum cleaners can remove the animals and their remains from the fabric. Sweat and other impurities, which can provide an additional breeding ground for mites, must however be cleaned additionally.

Bedrooms and rooms with upholstered furniture should be ventilated regularly. High temperatures and humidity favour the growth of the mite population.




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