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Correct ventilation and heating for house mites

Lüften bei Milbenallergie ist wichtig

correct ventilation and heating is important in case of dust mite allergy | depositphotos @ monkeybusiness

Dust mites love warmth and high humidity, as you can read in this article about dust mites. Preferred are temperatures beyond 20° Celsius, preferably even between 25° and 30° Celsius, as well as high humidity beyond 75%. In this article we want to explain briefly how clever heating and ventilation in summer and winter can worsen the living conditions of house mites and thus keep the population down.



Heating properly

Apart from the fact that even 1 °C less heat in the room (more precisely: the room temperature) can reduce the heating costs of this room by up to 6 %, a cool room also helps to suppress the mite population.

As we know, most mites in an apartment/house live in the bedroom. In bed it is cozily warm due to body heat for several hours a night and breathing air and sweat provide high humidity and a moist mattress. No wonder that up to 1.5 million dust mites can live in a single mattress. In a standard double bed we are then already talking about 3 million dust mites and in addition the mites that live in pillows, duvets and bedding.

For this reason, a bedroom should only be heated to approx. 18 °C (during the night also preferably only 16-17 °C).

Correct and incorrect ventilation

Falsches Lüften

Often in the morning, after getting up, the window is put in tilt position and the bedroom is ventilated for hours. But exactly this ventilation behaviour is wrong. Not only does the heat of the room escape from the window, which results in high energy costs, but the humid air in the bedroom is also exchanged only slowly.

Richtig Lüften

If you now hear that hours of ventilation in tilt position is wrong, this does not mean that you should ventilate less. Rather, you must change your ventilation behaviour: Open the windows wide open several times a day and make sure there is a large exchange of air. This ventilation should last 5-10 minutes. During this time, a complete exchange of air is guaranteed and the fresh air can directly reabsorb the moisture of the mattress. Airing the mattress in the form of a draught shortens this time to about three to five minutes.

To save energy, turn down the thermostat on the radiators completely for the time of ventilation.


Proper ventilation in the form of bumpy airing / draught and a low temperature in the bedroom in winter ensure that dust mites do not feel particularly comfortable. Fresh air can easily absorb the humidity of the mattresses and in cold air the dust mites multiply much more slowly.

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