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Anti-mite spray – with a long-term effect

Mites are where there are people or animals. Usually we don’t notice the tiny animals in everyday life, but in allergy sufferers they can cause unpleasant symptoms such as itching and redness. In the further course of time they can trigger a house dust allergy, which can be very nerve-racking for those affected. If the allergy is aggravated by pests and dust inside the house, this can lead to asthma in those affected.

Quick help against mites

Not only allergy sufferers therefore wish for quick relief from the tiny roommates who get stuck in beds, pillows and soft toys. The DFNT anti-mite spray provides a remedy: the pests are removed quickly and with just one application. The spray is effective against dust mites, grave mites and other mite species. After proven DFNT quality, all animals are reliably removed and you can finally breathe again.





The active ingredients contained are esbiothrin and permethrin in small amounts.
BAuA Reg.Nr.: N-81402

The spray is gentle – it is water-based and contains no ingredients such as propellants. Due to the very neutral smell it can be applied to textiles without any problems and they can be reused after a short airing. This means that your child can take the now mite-free soft toy in their arms again after only a short drying and airing. Only with babies, make sure that the treated textile is not put into the mouth. Cats are sensitive to permethrin.

Effective long-lasting protection

The DFNT anti-mite spray not only completely eliminates existing mites within a few hours. The treated textile is also protected against a new infestation for up to three months, and this with only one application. Thus you have peace of mind for several months and can also treat your unaffected textiles to prevent mite infestation. Especially for allergy sufferers, the product is a must for the household, as it is applied quarterly and reliably keeps the house free of mites.

It could not be simpler

The application of the anti-mite spray is very simple: After shaking well, the agent is sprayed evenly thinly from 30-50 cm onto the affected area, the textile should then dry well and is then already protected against mites in the long term. One application is therefore completely sufficient to finally make your home free of mites and you and your family can relax and enjoy your pillows again.


Particularly successful in combination

Mite spray is best used when the mattress has already been vacuumed. The fewer mites are present when using the spray, the lower the risk of an allergic reaction to the dead, decomposing animals.


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