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House dust allergy – 6 quick tips give mites

As you have probably already learned, there is no way to banish the dust mite, the cause of the dust allergy, from the house for good. Nevertheless, if you are allergic to house dust, you should try to fight the mites as much as possible and thus also remove the trigger of the allergy as well as possible.



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It is particularly important to observe a small number of hygienic rules so that the symptoms of house dust allergy can be significantly reduced.

  1. Wash bed linen – Clean mattress
    You should change your bed linen more often than usual. In the best case once a week. Wash your laundry at at least 60°C. Try to buy bed linen that can be washed at 90° with your next purchase. At this temperature all mites should die. You should also clean your mattress every 2-3 months. A mite vacuum cleaner has proven to be the best solution. Use special covers for mattress and bedding. The technical term is encasing. These are impermeable to mites, so that your skin scales (on which mites feed) no longer get into the mattress. The dust mites are cut off from your food and practically starve to death.
  2. Reduce air humidity and heat
    Since dust mites love high humidity and warmth, you should not make your bed early in the morning, but instead cover it completely so that the mattress can ventilate better. Keep the humidity and temperature in the bedroom as low as possible. By doing so, you will slow down the reproduction of the mites.
  3. Cleaning cuddly toys in bed
    If the house dust allergy sufferer is a child, he or she probably also has cuddly toys. These are also often found in bed. If the cuddly toys can be washed and dried in the tumble dryer, they do this every 2-3 months. If the cuddly toy is not washable or not suitable for the tumble dryer, you should freeze it for at least 24 hours, better 36 hours.
  4. Clean and remove dust catcher
    Dust traps in the bedroom and children’s room promote the allergy immensely. If possible, you should not have bookshelves full of books in the bedroom, avoid cuddly toys and use a smooth floor such as laminate or PVC. If possible, you should avoid curtains (you can also use a roller blind for darkening). Alternatively, you must also wash the curtains regularly and more often than normal.
  5. Vacuum cleaning and dust wiping
    Dusting and vacuuming are a regular must in your home. Dust should always be wiped damp or a so-called dust magnet (the best known is probably the “Swiffer”) should be used. Invest a few euros in a good vacuum cleaner that has a micro filter. This is able to capture the finest dust particles with which the mite excrement has attached itself. A suction and wiping robot has the advantage that you can clean with the same amount of moisture.
    If you have the opportunity to do so, you should neither vacuum-clean nor dust yourself.
  6. Do not bring in dust and allergens
    Try to keep your bedroom clean. Even if it is often not possible, it is best not to change in the bedroom but in another room. This way you won’t raise dust and won’t bring new ones into the bedroom with your everyday clothes. Their shoes do not belong in the bedroom either. Another recommendation is not to comb your hair in the bedroom. These often contain many allergens (including pollen, etc. from outside). By combing, they will wipe them off in the bedroom. It is better to wash your hair daily with clear water to rinse out the allergens. The constant use of a shampoo is not necessary. Whoever wears short hair has a big advantage here.

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