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Mites in budgies

Mite infestation in budgerigars often has serious consequences, because many owners first overlook and then underestimate the disease. We inform about mites in budgies.

What are mites?

Mites are small parasites that live undetected in the bird’s skin. They lay their eggs there and reproduce. Often these mites have been on the bird for years without showing symptoms. The mite infection often only breaks out due to another factor, such as illness, high stress, weakness or lack of hygiene.

Due to the fact that mites can also live undetected on the bird, it is necessary to introduce every new bird to an ornithological vet before letting it join the flock or partner (the individual action of a budgie is automatically prohibited).

Identifying mites

Mites can be recognized by changes on the bird’s beak horn. These are caused by the holes (mite ducts) that the mites bore into the beak. Already now the bird should be presented to a veterinarian at the latest.

As the disease progresses, the beak changes more and more. Growths and holes develop. This can lead to the loss of the beak.

Likewise one can recognize the mites everywhere, where no feathers grow. So for example at the feet and at the sewer, as well as at the eyes.

Treating mites with budgerigars

Under no circumstances should mites be treated themselves. The old household remedies, such as dabbing with petroleum, have long been advised against.

Mite sprays from the specialist trade are often not healthy for the birds. They can damage the birds’ small and sensitive lungs.

A budgie with mites should always(!) be treated by an ornithological vet

Supporting measures

To support a mite infection you should pay attention to special hygiene of the cage and the toy. Everything should be disinfected daily. You should not use sprays or disinfectants from the trade. These often leave behind residues.

A disinfection with pure alcohol (please only from the pharmacy) is possible, as this does not leave any residues.

Furthermore, scrub all objects with a nail brush and leave everything in boiling hot water for a few minutes.

Wooden toys can also be heated briefly to 100-120 °C in the oven, which will safely kill the mites.