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The right allergy pillow

Allergiker-Kopfkissen lassen ruhig schlafen

Allergic pillows let you sleep peacefully / Foto: VaDrobotBO /

We need a pillow to sleep well. Sounds simple at first. But not all pillows are the same. It’s the stuffing that makes it different. There’s goose feathers, styrofoam, microfiber, soft feathers, viscose. Visco is made of cellulose and means that the head does not sink into the pillow but is carried. Depending on the shape of the head and the pillow goes with it when we move. So it is held well and we don’t get any tension in our neck when lying down and sleeping. These are the differences of the pillows in size, filling and length. Therefore you should always pay attention to what you buy. There are actually no alternatives. Unless you have to wear a neck brace. The pillows are used for sleep and relaxation.

The right sleeping position

The sleeping position determines the right pillow. 80 times 80 is the best filling length. Feathers and down provide a soft surface and form a material that feels good and always returns to its original position.
As a back sleeper, you should use a pillow that is not too high and for this purpose a flat pillow is sufficient to keep the head horizontal and support the cervical vertebrae. It is important anyway with all pillows that this vertebra is particularly well supported. Especially for those who have a hunched back, these pillows are especially optimal and are a very good form and variant.

The filling

The filling wadding is microfibre or similar quality, but on a simple level it does not do anything. Because for a pillow it is important that it bulges again with every movement of the head, so that it gets into a perfect and professional position. However, filling with cotton wool is very correct when you need a cuddly pillow that you can sink into, that is very soft and can be easily shaped and compressed. A perfect way to sleep is always provided with this.

The natural filling is made of spelt and millet and offers a wonderful feeling of lying down. However, these are grains that you can feel or hear when the pillow moves. The massage effect of the pillows also perfectly promotes the whole blood circulation of the body. However, the materials are natural and do not help much with supports or neck problems. Other cushions must be used for this. Furthermore, the bulk density bulges the pillow. Here it is important that the belly sleeper needs 70 percent down, the side sleeper also. However, the distance between head and mattress must be bridged very precisely. The back sleeper needs 50% and a hard mattress for his sleep so that he can lie optimally.

It is important for allergy sufferers and especially those allergic to house dust that the filling does not cause any problems. We therefore recommend a pillow that transports sweat away well and is washable. Synthetics have proven to be very effective here. For an allergy-free night we also recommend so-called encasings.

The pillows in the pillow test must be designed for good night-time exposure. Thus down and feathers must not be stressed too much. There must not be any loss of filling power. In this case, a new pillow will not help, but at most a new pillow. The pillows are therefore assigned according to the type of lying, whereby it is particularly important for the abdominal sleeper to pay attention to the arms and their lying position in relation to the mattress and to be able to adjust accordingly. This is provided by the filling, length and width of the pillows. For the abdominal sleeper it is especially important to shape the pillow as desired. Arms and legs are always properly supported.