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Interesting facts about bed bugs

Bettwanzen und Milben

Bedbugs and other vermin do not belong in bed | depositphotos © lantapix

Vermin in bed – there’s hardly anything more disgusting. Within your own four walls you would like to feel as comfortable as possible. This is especially true for the bed. This is where we stay when we are tired and want to relax. The thought of crawling vermin, however, barely makes our eyes close. Most people do not even know that the smallest creatures are in our beds day after day. Mites and house dust mites also leave behind their dirt, to which many people react allergically.

Here are the five most interesting facts including helpful links to the sleeping chamber and vermin:

Each person swallows 50 spiders in a lifetime?

The rumour persists that each person swallows around 50 spiders in the course of his or her life. Some people find spiders fascinating, but a large proportion suffer from a real arachnophobia or at least do not want to have them in their own bed. But the numbers that circulate are not stable. Experts suggest that swallowing a spider is actually an unlikely event. People rarely sleep with their mouths open and the natural reflex when something falls into the mouth is more likely to be spitting rather than swallowing.


Mites and mite faeces in bed

Up to 2 million mites can romp around in one bed. Incredible numbers. But mites and mite faeces in bed have long been proven. The less you pay attention to hygiene, the more mites and mite excrement you will find in your own bed. They are among the most common parasites that infest our homes. Among other things, mite-proof covers and regular cleaning help here. Airing is also important in this case!

Mosquitoes in the bedroom: they even survive the winter

Especially in summer they are unfortunately a part of it: The mosquitoes. But not only outside, but especially where people are, they like to romp around, because they are blood-sucking parasites. Even a very cold winter does little harm to the mosquitoes. They love cool and humid places the most, that is where they retreat. Precipitation and warm temperatures in spring favour the development of the eggs into adult mosquitoes, which then survive much longer even in such conditions.


When you wake up with a bite

Bites can come from a wide variety of plagues. However, the fact is that mosquito bites are the most common, and flea and bug bites can also be a possibility. The latter two parasites are somewhat more difficult to control. Fleas are usually dragged into the apartment by pets. So if you have pets and wake up in the morning with bites, you should investigate this. Bedbugs are often dragged in from abroad, for example with old furniture.

Bedbugs, the bed pests

It is not uncommon for bedbugs to be brought from a hotel abroad to your own home. Such animals are very sophisticated and must be fought where they are found. It is also important to prevent bedbugs from spreading and multiplying. Mattresses and covers and also the whole environment must be vacuumed and hot washed. Bedbug infestation can be recognized by the stings and skin residue as well as faeces or bedbug eggs. There are many more countermeasures.