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Humidifier in the living room – help with dry air

Apart from the bedroom, where you normally spend 6-8 hours a day, the living room is probably the room that you cannot and do not want to do without during the day and in the evening. Usually several hours are spent here every day. Often at the TV or in a sociable round. Depending on the furnishings and atmosphere of the living room, this room can also be a place of relaxation and retreat.

Due to the fact that the living room is the centre of your life and the many hours spent there, it is important that you have a pleasant climate there.

For most people, the living room should provide a cosy atmosphere and warm temperatures, especially in winter, which is why it is not unusual for the heating to run at full speed.

The warm and dry room air then creates a room climate that dries out the mucous membranes. This is often noticed by dry and burning eyes.

Particularly in winter, it is therefore important to ensure not only sufficient oxygen content in the living room, but also a decent level of humidity. Since the air dries out during the day, you should help with a humidifier, as you can read on this page.




Requirements for humidifiers

In the humidifier test on the linked page, both the general properties and the requirements of the respective rooms are discussed. Especially in the evening hours it is important that the room air has a high quality. Already tired from everyday life, the eyes often start to burn and itch even faster.

Especially in the living room, however, the noise level should remain low. No matter whether you are talking to friends / family, reading a book or watching TV – a disturbing background noise is not desired. Therefore, it is advisable that you deal with the different technologies and thus find the model that meets your requirements. In addition to the different techniques of increasing humidity, models with other features are also available. These are variable according to personal ideas and directly determine the budget that can be spent on a humidifier.

Very simple models are offered starting at 30 Euro. Depending on the room temperature, the tendency here is towards an evaporator or an atomizer. If a small, additional heat source is not a problem, an evaporator may also be appropriate for you. Other requirements for humidifiers are maintenance and cleaning. The more extensive these requirements are, the less the device in question can be described as suitable for everyday use. After all, nobody really wants to service such a device on a daily basis.

Selecting the optimum location

There are many reasons to choose a particular humidifier. Nevertheless, general and personal requirements must always be taken into account. Depending on the living room and model, the ideal location may look different. For example, make sure that the air coming out of the unit is not directed directly towards the couch. Otherwise, there is a risk of colds and a “stiff neck”.

With a good appliance, the noise level should be adjustable. In most cases, the change in noise level is caused by the change in power level. It is therefore particularly important to choose a device that is still sufficiently quiet even at higher power levels and is therefore suitable for use in the living room from the ground up.


Especially people with health problems should inform themselves about the possibilities of a humidifier. Air enriched with moisture can often support recovery. It is important to take your time when choosing a humidifier and to consider the different types. This is the only way to find the ideal device for your living room.

One final tip: By airing the unit briefly and regularly, you can also reenrich the used air with oxygen.




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