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Dust-free home – How to reduce the annoying infestation

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We all know the problem: We got up to wipe dust, but after a short time it is back again. The dusting goes into the next round and there seems to be no way out. In order not to have to spend hours dusting, it is advisable to focus on avoiding dust. Because where no dust falls, no dust has to be wiped. How to do this is explained in the following guide.




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The right equipment is what counts

Dust allegedly falls from space directly onto the surfaces of our facility. So it’s only natural to minimize the area that needs to be contaminated. It may sound a bit spartan at first, but if you take a look around your home, you will find that not every dust collector has a right to exist. Many decorative items do not fit into the living concept and instead simply catch falling dust. Try to get along with fewer items and use the time you save on dusting to do something nice with your family. Especially as an allergy sufferer you should keep your home as dust-free as possible (tip: With fewer furnishings you also create more space, which you can use more efficiently.

Shoes belong before pets

As you can easily imagine, most of the dust comes from outside. We let the dust into the apartment with the windows open or carry it in with our clothes and shoes. To reduce the amount of dust, you should therefore always take off your shoes before entering the apartment. If this is not an option because it is a retail store, a clean running zone is recommended, also known as a dirt trap. If you have pets, you should comb them off before entering the front door, and accessories such as leashes, dishes or toys should also be left outside the front door.

The optimal room climate for less dust in the apartment

As far as annoying dust infestation is concerned, the rule of thumb is: the drier the climate in the home, the more dust trickles down. This is especially true in winter, when the dry heating air favours the dust. Here, the right humidity can help to reduce the dust. A humidity level of between 30 and 55 percent is recommended. This is a value which ensures that we humans feel comfortable. In addition, this value ensures that the dust in the air is better bound and cannot spread so easily. Optimise your indoor climate with targeted shock ventilation. To do this, open all windows wide (tilt is not sufficient) and close them again after a few minutes. This procedure should be repeated several times a day.

Clean properly and avoid dust

Make sure to wash upholstery and other home textiles regularly. When dusting, it is important not to stir up the dust. Instead, it should be picked up and transported away. Treat your floors with a vacuum cleaner first before wiping through with a damp cloth. When dusting on surfaces, an antistatic or damp cloth is recommended for optimal dust absorption. Dusters should really only be used in places that are difficult to reach, as they raise too much dust.

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