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Clean carpets – an important hygiene factor

Mädchen und Hund auf sauberem Teppich

A clean carpet is important for hygiene and also dampens the house dust allergy – Foto: Wavebreakmedia /

Why should you choose a carpet at all?

This is probably the first question that comes to mind. Is it even a good idea to choose a carpet? Wouldn’t it be much more practical to have only tiles in the house?

Especially in a family life with small children, smooth and wipeable surfaces make everyday life easier. Clean hands and feet, which we adults take for granted, seem to belong in children’s heads in foreign worlds. A glass of apple juice is poured just as quickly as cookie crumbs are spread all over the floor.

So why bother with carpet cleaning when you can just as easily choose tiles or laminate in your living room?

The reason is quite simple and so obvious. There is nothing more comfortable and cosy than a beautiful carpet! Small children who are just discovering crawling or walking for themselves fall much more softly on the carpet than on the cold and hard tiled floor. Especially during the first steps, parents feel safer when they know that there will be no scraped knees. The home world should be safe for the little ones and a carpet gives them that homely and safe feeling.

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Why is it important to keep the carpet clean?

Of course it seems to be more difficult to keep a carpet clean than a smooth floor covering. But especially with small children the immune system is not yet fully developed. But they like to play on the floor and take everything in their mouth. For this reason it is especially important that the carpet is always thoroughly cleaned.

In the womb they were protected from all viruses, bacteria and fungi and now, without the maternal protection, they are exposed to all external factors.

However, a child’s immune system only builds up over time. Therefore, children should not be exposed to large sources of dirt.

Furthermore, the risk of allergies should not be underestimated. Especially house dust and mites settle in the carpet.

However, it is not magic to have a clean carpet. Especially with today’s technology, it is actually already child’s play.

What is the best way to clean a carpet?

A proper vacuum cleaner is completely sufficient to perform the daily carpet cleaning. With a good vacuum, mites and dust have no chance to adhere to the carpet fibres and are sucked into the vacuum cleaner by the strong suction. Normally it is sufficient to clean the carpet once or twice a week.

But if vacuuming is too strenuous for you or if you simply want to save yourself time, you can now buy a vacuum cleaner robot that can do its vacuum cleaning work all by itself and independently. Carpet cleaning could not be easier.

Every few months it is worthwhile to carry out a wet cleaning of the carpet. This can either be done by hand and with the help of a vacuum cleaner using standard household cleaners or you can rent a carpet cleaning machine from a specialist dealer.


Especially in a household with small children it is important to keep your carpet clean. Children like to play on the carpet and simply put everything in their mouths. Of course they do not pay attention to whether something is clean or not.

The dust and mites that get stuck in the carpet fibres can cause allergies in children, as children do not yet have a fully developed immune system. A simple remedy to the danger is to clean the carpet regularly. Even vacuuming once or twice a week, with a powerful vacuum cleaner, is normally enough to keep the carpet clean. However, a thorough wet cleaning should also be carried out from time to time.

In the end, everyone enjoys a comfortable and cuddly carpet.


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