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Allergy sufferers vacuum cleaners – also good against mites?

In order to prevent allergy sufferers from endless coughing and sneezing fits, people affected by allergies are increasingly looking for a solution to the problem with special vacuum cleaners for allergy sufferers. These devices have the ability to filter even the finest dust particles. As there is a large number of different fine dust particles, the question arises as to whether vacuum cleaners for allergy sufferers are also helpful against mites. In the following, the individual types of vacuum cleaners will be examined in more detail before finally answering the question of the benefit against mites.

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For allergy sufferers, a vacuum cleaner should have at least one HEPA filter – Foto: pavelkubarkov /

Overview of the different allergy sufferers vacuum cleaners

The main difference between the individual allergy sufferers vacuum cleaners is the integrated filter systems. Vacuum cleaners that have a HEPA filter are considered modern. The HEPA filter was originally used in the context of filtering radioactive particles from the air. Therefore, the system for vacuum cleaners can be classified as extremely advanced. The water vacuum cleaners are particularly beneficial to health. The health benefits are due to the binding of irritants in water tanks. The possibility of dispensing scented oils opens up scope for a pleasant room scent.

All in all, the different types of allergy sufferers’ vacuum cleaners have the following characteristics:

  • Vacuum cleaners with bag are cheaper to buy than bagless vacuum cleaners
  • In return, the bag vacuum cleaners have higher follow-up costs due to the change of bags; the bags are more expensive than average bags because they are coated
  • Bagless vacuum cleaners have higher purchase costs than bag vacuum cleaners
  • On the other hand, bagless vacuum cleaners have the advantage of low follow-up costs; only operating costs and your own efforts in cleaning the vacuum cleaner are incurred




Functionality of bag vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter

A HEPA filter does not make use of the screening effect that is common in other vacuum cleaners. Instead, it makes use of three effects: The inertial, barrier and diffusion effects. The inertia effect causes particles to remain in the filter according to their individual inertia. The barrier effect in turn allows particles to adhere to the filter material due to their size. Finally, the diffusion effect causes the particles to adhere to the filter due to Brownian molecular movement resulting from an increase in temperature.

Water vacuum cleaner in use…

The water vacuum cleaner is first filled with water and then adjusted to a suction power by a rotary wheel. This type of vacuum cleaner is popular for the enormous power it can provide. After filling the water tank, vacuuming can begin. Once the desired premises have been vacuumed, the dirty water from the water tank must be disposed of in the toilet. Then the water tank is ideally cleaned and placed in a dry and clean place for ventilation. Thus, there is little effort involved in cleaning the water vacuum cleaner.

What distinguishes vacuum cleaners for allergy sufferers?

Allergy sufferers are dependent on vacuum cleaners that are able to filter out the fine dust. With conventional vacuum cleaners, dust is sucked in and retained, but the fine dust is largely released. This leads to sneezing, coughing and other individual allergic reactions. Specialist allergy sufferers’ vacuum cleaners are equipped with filter systems that retain the fine dust to a greater extent than ordinary vacuum cleaners.

Do allergy sufferers vacuum cleaners also help with mites?

With their filter function, these specialized vacuum cleaners are helpful with mites. After all, the mites also belong to the fine dust category. They are arachnids, whose droppings first dry and then decompose into fine dust particles. Even under normal conditions the dust particles caused by the mites are already in the air. When they are vacuumed, they are amplified and, together with other fine dust, they are whirled through the air.

Take precautions away from the vacuum cleaner

The fact is that the occurrence of mites and fine dust is not only influenced by vacuuming. In every clean household, fine dust accumulates so that you can hardly keep up with the vacuuming. For this reason, it makes sense to find out about other useful household appliances. Air purifiers, for example, which can also be equipped with HEPA filters, are of importance here. They can be automatically adjusted to create bad conditions for mites. For example, if you know that house dust mites prefer a temperature of 25° C at a humidity of 70%, you can set the device so that the air is not only cleaned, but the conditions for the house dust mites to settle and spread are worsened.

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